A new chapter
October 17, 2022
0 Mins read

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we designed and trademarked a new logo to celebrate our past successes and symbolise the future of Thesis. At Thesis, we pride ourselves on helping shape our customers’ future. Our work helps our customers extend their technological advantage over the competition and opens up new growth opportunities. To illustrate this, […]

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Ingress Protection Codes and Ratings
March 7, 2018
3 Mins read

Ingress Protection Codes and Ratings Regardless of how smart your electronics are, they need protection against the elements and daily handling, which comes in the form of an enclosure that provides mechanical and/or water protection. Some recent notable devices are the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X and wearables such as the Apple Watch Series […]

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Effects of EM radiation on the human body from nearby communication devices
July 18, 2017
4 Mins read

There is increasing public concern that adverse health effects may arise from exposure to radiofrequency (RF) sources, particularly due to the increasing use of mobile and wearable devices with growing radio-communication capabilities such as GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This is particularly true with wearables, which are usually worn on the body and sometimes in direct […]

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Designing with Bluetooth 5.0
April 13, 2017
3 Mins read

One of the ubiquitous wireless communication methods has gotten even better. Bluetooth SIG has released Bluetooth 5 (BT5), an enhancement to the current Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2. The key updates to Bluetooth 5 are 8x data, 4x range, and 2x speed, as well as improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies. For a designer and […]

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Gerbers to Footprint!
March 24, 2017
2 Mins read

Foreword This post is excellent for those who are looking to extract reference designs (in Gerber files) from silicon manufacturers. In this example, I am trying to save myself from having to draw a PCB trace antenna from scratch! We will copy the reference antenna design from Dialog Semiconductors for its DA14580 BLE chips and use […]

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Technology Readiness Level
November 11, 2016
5 Mins read

We develop ideas and build solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems. Often, many come to us with promising ideas in need of technical help to develop their concepts. The challenge with idea development is that innovation initiatives frequently fail, falling short of the idealized goal. Several reasons include a lack of understanding of the steps required […]

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