We partner with our clients to create exciting products through our suite of services.


Advisory and consultancy
Feasibility studies
Quality management
Regulatory affairs
Road map development
Product ideation
Design and develop
Firmware programming
Internet of things sensing
Mechanical design
PCB design
Power management
Schematic drafting
Wireless communication
Electronic design
Engineering services
3D printing
Hardware test and debugging
Investigative studies
Mechanical fabrication
PCB fabrication


Microelectronics and Electrical Engineering
Schematic & PCB design. Wearables, mobile and low-power battery management systems, health and environmental measurement sensors.

Firmware and embedded
systems design
Microcontroller programming. System memory management. Real-time signals acquisition logging and processing. Algorithms and analytics.

Technology management consultancy services
Ideation and conceptualization for technological feasibility and viability. Road-mapping and economic viability assessment services.

Strategic systems-level integration and deployment
Industrial design with rapid-prototyping. Product-systems function and manufacturability optimization. Materials and 3D-mechanical engineering.

Strategic manufacturing and
logistics partnerships
Global asset management and manufacturing best practices. Design for manufacturing and low-volume assembly and distribution.

Investigative experimental
Evaluation and investigative studies. Relentless knowledge-creation and capability building via constant application of scientific knowledge.