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One thesis

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Our works


Crafting products

Our clientele spans from young startups to established companies. We work closely with you to understand your product needs and strategise with you to make informed design decisions.
We will craft the product to meet your target aesthetics and performance.

Debian Linux custom splash screen and auto startup.

OS Software Electronics

Signal conditioning design for RF signal.

Electronics Mechanical RF

Low noise high speed TIA circuit

Up to 10MHz bandwidth, High Gain, Low Noise Transimpedance circuit.

Instrumentation TIA

Low power rigid-flex electronics

Full turnkey solution with BLE and low power wakeup function to read nanosensor.

Electronics BLEApp

Custom SOM carrier board with custom OS compilation and software to interface multiple cameras (USB & MIPI-CSI)

OSSoftware Electronics

A bespoke BLE5.0 device with a wearable form factor and firmware developed for high-speed BLE transfer.

Electronics FirmwareBLE5

Long range IoT system

Ultra long-range LoRa IoT device and system for asset tracking.

LoRa Embedded

SOM - Edge computing

A custom edge computing device with embedded software for smart analysis Also, a mobile App to perform remote access.


Developed a custom wearable with EEG interface, and embedded firmware based on client’s algorithm.

Electronics Embedded system

A proximity detection app using BLE Eddystone protocol.

App BeaconBLE

Industrial smart probe

Low power and low noise bespoke BLE electronics design to measure the industrial sensor strip.

IoTElectronics AppBLE

Highspeed DAC system

High-speed precise multi-layers DAC circuit board for research purposes.

Electronics DAC

Fully custom ultrasonic pulse-tone pulsar system with oscilloscope function.

Electronics Box build

Bespoke hardware and firmware for low power motion sensing wearable with PPG HRM. 

Electronics FirmwareBLE

Smart LED vest

Full product development for LED changing switching with mobile app control. 

Smart vest App Prototype

Roceso - Esoglove​

Bespoke low-level GUI programming in the embedded system with direct interfacing to touchscreen and LCD.