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Compute platforms for embedded camera solutions

01 // Overview

We have developed a versatile embedded hardware platform adaptable to diverse product form factors, from wearables to robotic controls. We focused on enabling high-speed data processing, seamless image capture, and streaming—all integrated within the platform, minimising the need for additional peripheral hardware, except for essential sensors. To this end, we have designed two variants – Mini and Micro.

The design involved

  1. USB 3.0
  3. Ethernet/CAN/UART/SPI/I2C
  4. SDcard
  5. Onboard LiPo battery charging
  6. Custom Linux Yocto with fully customised camera drivers

Combining these interfaces into a compact module while simultaneously developing a robust operating system optimised for real-time image processing.

02 // Key Achievements

We are proud to share that our team has achieved over 300 frames-per-second image capture capability. Our custom OS and hardware platform delivers high-performance computing and facilitates seamless wireless data and video streaming, ideally suited for demanding healthcare and industrial applications.

03 // Challenges and Solutions

Two critical challenges presented in this project:

  1. Given that some camera modules were recently introduced to the market or lacked compatible drivers, we developed several custom camera software drivers to integrate these cameras seamlessly into our operating system.
  2. The compactness of the hardware design necessitates careful consideration, particularly in managing the computing unit’s high current heat dissipation requirements. Ensuring signal integrity for USB 3.0 data traces is critical and requires meticulous planning of the layer stack via design, impedance matching, and trace length matching.

04 // Impact and applications

Our work unlocks new possibilities in vital sectors like healthcare, autonomous systems, medical imaging, and industrial automation, where the need for high-speed data processing and dependable wireless communication is paramount.