Understanding Ethernet Cables
January 9, 2016
6 Mins read

It binds us. It connects us. It gives us knowledge. It’s omnipresent and omniscient. It’s… Wi-Fi. Well.  Sometimes we forget that Wi-Fi signals and connectivity still require a much underappreciated and most needed component – The Ethernet cable. Your mobile connectivity has to come from some sort of wireless hub, which is connected to either […]

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Portable light prototyping for smart-phone photography
July 25, 2015
5 Mins read

We love taking photos. Wefies. Selfies. You name it. But if you’ve tried to use a smartphone camera in less than optimal lighting conditions, you’ll find your pictures poor and unworthy of that coveted Facebook post. A problem we often face when taking a selfie is that besides having a poor front-facing camera on a […]

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Empower your projects with Bluetooth Smart
July 19, 2015
15 Mins read

An even smarter Bluetooth You’re likely to own a Bluetooth-enabled device by now – your phone is one. Bluetooth-enabled connectivity exists in a variety of consumer electronics and has become a socially understood means of convenient wireless communications. Bluetooth capability can be found in almost every decent smartphone, tablet, wireless mp3 speaker and in-vehicle entertainment […]

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