Ingress Protection Codes and Ratings
March 7, 2018
3 Mins read

Ingress Protection Codes and Ratings Regardless of how smart your electronics are, they need protection against the elements and daily handling, which comes in the form of an enclosure that provides mechanical and/or water protection. Some recent notable devices are the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X and wearables such as the Apple Watch Series […]

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When USB lights get too hot
September 21, 2015
2 Mins read

USB powered lights are convenient for reading, off-center lighting for mobile photo-taking and the like and on the market are some low-cost and simple USB-powered reading lights such as the S$2 Xiaomi Mi LED light. Unfortunately, we found that the light output is not sufficient for certain conditions. A quick tear-down revealed a SAM semiconductor […]

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