BLE introduction: Notify or Indicate
November 21, 2015
1 Mins read

What are the differences between Notify and Indicate? The short answer is that they both basically do the same thing, except Indicate requires acknowledgement, while Notify does not. For the longer answer, please read the rest of my post. By default, you cannot push data to your remote client whenever your Bluetooth low energy (BLE) […]

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GATT it man
October 23, 2015
4 Mins read

Hey folks, I am back with another article on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In my previous article, I addressed some common misconceptions between classic Bluetooth and BLE. This time, I will be talking about one of the most commonly used profiles for a BLE device – the GATT, also known as the Generic Attribute Profile.Before I […]

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Empower your projects with Bluetooth Smart
July 19, 2015
15 Mins read

An even smarter Bluetooth You’re likely to own a Bluetooth-enabled device by now – your phone is one. Bluetooth-enabled connectivity exists in a variety of consumer electronics and has become a socially understood means of convenient wireless communications. Bluetooth capability can be found in almost every decent smartphone, tablet, wireless mp3 speaker and in-vehicle entertainment […]

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